The Kipper Casual Line: Henleys

The Kipper Casual Henley comes in a variety of colors, and can be made long or short sleeved!

The Kipper Casual Henley comes in a variety of colors, and can be made long or short sleeved!

Proudly introducing a new member of The Kipper Casual line, we are confident not only in the quality of its make, but also in the versatility of this garment made in matrimony between the polo and the regular t-shirt.

Dating back to when henleys were just the uniform of English town rowers (and now making a very prominent presence in daily fashion), the henley is regarded as the most popular of collarless shirts. We, at Kipper Clothiers, lean towards agreeing with this fashion theory. Why? The henley has the broadest range of versatility when it comes to wardrobe combos and scope of make -- henleys can be made in anything from cotton to thermals.

The henleys we have added to our Kipper Casuals collection are made of soft, jersey cotton. The type of material that you can lounge and get down to business in-- no matter what you’re doing, the henley is appropriate (or can be made appropriate) for nearly every situation!

Collarless and made with a three-button or four-button closure beneath a rounded neckline, smart casual outfits, like a sharp t-shirt, unconstructed blazer, and denim jeans get an extra boost of character when paired with a henley instead! That extra “lived-in” look gives not only your outfit, but also you, the untethered confidence that lets everyone know you know exactly what you’re doing even though, sometimes you might not. It’s okay, your secret is safe with us, but let’s be real here: as long as you look the part then what’s not to believe?  

Our henleys come in black, white, navy, and heather grey-- the perfect, spectrum of staple colors so you can add this piece to your daily wardrobe and do whatever you want with it!

Wear it with a pair of our custom jeans and keep it simple, or pair it up with your favorite Kipper Clothiers suit and some, clean white sneakers to make it really smart and casual! Or, make it completely your own and take that henley with you to match up with your own style combinations.

Whatever it is, we trust you -- our job is give you the right options and the accessibility to wear quality that fits. So, go ahead -- take our henley and make it entirely yours!

Looking for some inspiration and more exposure? Here’s some snaps from The Kipper Casuals look book:

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