Ask A Kipper: How do I look good without spending a fortune?

If you have questions, we have answers! We recently received this question from one of our Tumblr followers:

Q: "Hey there Kippers! I really wish my entire wardrobe looked as good the stuff on your website, but I can't afford anything from you guys tbh rn. What would you recommend with things that I buy from stores? Or what stores should I use?"

A. We definitely recommend taking all clothing that you buy from retail stores to your local tailor for altering. Fit is important with all clothes, from jeans and tee shirts to shoes and accessories, but it is especially important when it comes to more dressed up clothing. It isn’t so much about what stores you purchase from, and much more about getting those clothes to fit properly. Find items that fit as best as they can off the rack and have them altered. 

Wardrobe Foundations: Focus on a Solid Core

It doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg to look amazing. First, start with the basics. One or two pair of trousers (wool or cotton) in classic colors like tan or navy, button down shirts of any color/pattern, and a blazer or two will do the trick. By investing in a smaller set of key items, you'll always look put together and have a wardrobe framework to branch out from as finances allow.

Again, the key is to find garments that fit as closely as possible. With pants, you can hem the bottoms, taper the legs, bring in the waist as necessary, and you can even shorten the rise up to about an inch. With shirts, shorten the hem, take in the sides, take up the shoulder seam, shorten the sleeves, and you can even slim the sleeves down. Blazers are a little more difficult. The most important fit aspect of a blazer are the shoulders. Never buy a blazer off the rack unless the shoulders fit perfectly. Once the shoulders fit, a tailor can take in the waist, shorten the sleeves, and even shorten the blazer itself up to about an inch. 

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