You Can't Put a Price on Quality

At Kipper Clothiers, we value quality over everything. The term, cost per wearis thrown around daily in our world of fashion, and recently, we've seen multiple articles on the subject. People are starting to shift into the mindset of; quality over quantity, ultimately getting a longer lifetime out of their garments. 

In this article, by The Atlanticthey highlight the brands that give 'fast-fashion' it's name, and offer 'durable', and 'ethical', alternatives for people who want to break away from disposable fashion brands like H&M and Forever 21 . Companies like Everlane, Cuyanaand Of a Kindare building their success from providing high quality clothing, made sustainably and ethically, that's affordable. Many of these companies are able to sell their items at a lower price point by cutting out the costs of having a brick-and-mortar store, and starting their business online. As consumers are slowly trending toward spending more money per item, the number of garments purchased is decreasing, giving this new niche in the fashion world momentum.

Growth in ecological consciousness is also adding to the increase of consumers who pay more for fewer, smarter purchases. An even deeper examination of this shift in consumer habits can be seen in this article by Quartz. It directly relates the movement against ethical issues such as low wages, poor working conditions, and excessive environmental waste and our impact as consumers of how we buy

Ultimately there is no 'right' or 'wrong' way to build your wardrobe. It is nice however, to see this change in mindset in how we as consumers are buying. The days of buying bulk are slowly fading away and the day of the more conscious and informed consumer has arrived.