How to Put Together a Casual Outfit for Any Occasion

Whether you are running out to grab a quick bite or meeting up with friends at a party, you still want to look sharp without spending a ton of time getting ready. We've put together this set of classic fall weather kits that are easy to throw together, yet don't compromise on style.

The Weekender

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 5.39.07 PM.png

Grabbing a quick cup of coffee or meeting your friends for brunch? This look works best when you are just running errands or casually hanging out with your buddies. The Weekender look is relaxed yet still sharp enough for weekend adventures.


The Urban Explorer

Heading to your first craft beer making class or meeting up with some friends at the local hangout after work? From work to play and everything in between, this kit works perfectly for a wide range of urban adventures. 


The Cozy Camper

Do you like glamping? Sailing around the bay? This kit provides those of us who are a little more outdoorsy with the ideal balance between function and fashion. Anywhere you go, you're sure to be a happy camper in this look.


The Date Night

"Do you like apple-picking?" is exactly how you should ask out that special someone you've had your eye on all season. Then wear this and hold her hand through the apple orchards. Wearing a knit tie makes this outfit dressed up enough to impress but still laid back enough to remain effortlessly cool. 


The Holiday Party

Want to impress all your coworkers and/or friends? This kit proves how stylish you are while still maintaining your approachability. This outfit is perfect for holiday parties, dinner parties, and just general evening shenanigans. 

Looking for more style advice? Don't miss our 5 Simple Ways to Stay Warm and Look Cool This Fall and let us know how else we can help you put together a great look!