Client Experience: When You’ve Got Ideas…

“It was very difficult to shop for ready to wear,” client Ellen Owens told us during her visit. “Things did not fit, and they did not reflect my sense of style.”

For nearly all of us, whether we’re cisgendered or somewhere along the spectrum, ready-to-wear presents such a conundrum. Perhaps, as one scenario, you’re more into vintage styles – but want modern quality. Or, what’s on the racks alternates between overtly trendy and dated without having classic appeal. As a third option, you opt for a more gender-fluid presentation, and traditional masculine and feminine cuts, for the styles you prefer, simply don’t fit your body.

Kipper Clothiers started out with this mission in mind. We wanted to create suits for the underserved LGBT market and for women wanting menswear. While our client base has grown, we’ve continued to take the same approach: Helping our customers find suiting and formal styles that work for them, rather than putting them into a pre-designed mold.

Photography:  Jay Adams Photography

During Our Appointments

At our appointments, we generally begin by asking clients about their approach to and beliefs about fashion. As you’ve seen here, some consider it mostly practical, and others view it as a medium of self-expression. “Fashion means the opportunity to express myself through the clothes I wear,” Ellen told us during her appointment. “Fashion means formal, work, and casual wear. And fun accessories.”

From there, we discuss influences and inspiration. With some clients, it’s a fairly homogenous group of sources. Others, on the other hand, take a more eclectic approach. Ellen fell into the latter category.

Photography: Jay Adams Photography

Photography: Jay Adams Photography

Specifically, her looks are based on the time of year, yet she also gets inspired by men’s and LGBT magazines, including GQ, Out, and Rake. In this day and age, social media and blogs play a prominent role, and for her, DapperQ and Instagrammer were on her list. Mid-20th century movies, art, and architecture added another angle, and as a final factor, she explained, “Texture and color are so important.”

The result, seen in the accompanying shots here, had an undercurrent of classic menswear. Yet, instead of a by-the-numbers suit found at any brick-and-mortar store, hints of modernity, whimsy, and personality characterized the finished product. Plus, better than dabbling with ecommerce orders, the looks fit the client precisely.

“At KC, I can find the fabrics I want, and I can have them made into the styles I want,” Ellen let us know after her appointment. “I feel more like myself. Also, I can talk about clothes options with Erin. The experience is fun!”

Photography: Jay Adams Photography

Photography: Jay Adams Photography


Find that ready-to-wear just isn’t cutting it? It may be time to schedule an appointment with Kipper Clothiers. Whether you’ve got something specific in mind, a diverse assortment of ideas, or are a complete fashion novice, we’ll guide your journey to that personalized suit. To begin, schedule a 15-minute appointment with one of our stylists to discuss materials, cuts, and accessories.