them. Names Kipper One of “5 Brands Making Sharp Suits for Gender-Nonconforming People”


Kipper is no ordinary tailor. Since the beginning, we’ve made it known that we create quality custom suits for men, women, and everyone in between, and them acknowledged that in a recent writeup by Elyssa Goodman:

Kipper Clothiers was started the day Proposition 8 was nullified in California, thereby legalizing same-sex marriage in the state. “We were going to start a custom suiting business for queer folks, [and] that was the day it needed to start,” says Co-Founder and Head Designer Erin Berg. “I’d gotten my first set of custom garments a couple months before and I knew that was gonna be the thing I could give to the queer community, because I felt so amazing and so affirmed in my first custom shirt and suit.”

Kipper has become celebrated for its classical styling with a modern twist, building on traditional menswear staples but adding a more flamboyant spin — if the client desires, of course. As proud as Berg is of the ways Kipper has grown since the company began in terms of both being sought out from across the country and mastering the perfect fit, he’s interested in keeping Kipper a small business in hopes of maintaining a personalized connection.

“I know how to make clients comfortable but also give people exactly what they want,” he says. “[I] put them in a garment the first time they try it on and they just come out beaming and they’re so excited for something that truly represents them.”

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