The Kipper Casual Line: Polos

Our polos have accents and are made in any classic color you choose!

Our polos have accents and are made in any classic color you choose!

Proudly introducing a new member of The Kipper Casuals line, we are confident not only in the quality of its make, but also in the magnitude of style this garment can carry all on its own!

Although we know this garment most commonly today as the polo, it used to fashion a lot of other names in history: “the tennis shirt” and “the golf shirt.” All of of which are still relevant today, but the moniker “polo” has long been attached to the shirt for its presence in fashion and everyday wear. With that being said, golfers and tennis players still swear by the comfort, movability, and soft cotton that lets them play to the best of their ability. Knowing this we, at Kipper Clothiers, decided to give you that same ease, comfort, and historical sense of style to add to your daily wardrobe!

Our Kipper Casual Polo is made with soft and durable, cotton piqué, the same cotton that René Lacoste, a French seven-time Grand Slam tennis champion, used to make the very first, modern day polo that we know and love today.

The polo comes in all your classic colors such as black, white, heather grey, and navy, but we’ve also included bolder colors like maroon and teal.

Wear your polos for nearly every situation, from dinner out with the parents to nights out on the town, and even that casual day at work! It’s easy to elevate a polo with a Kipper Clothiers suit jacket, a pair of trousers, and some sneakers. It’s also just as easy to keep it casual with some Kipper Clothiers, custom made, raw denim jeans. Add it to your collection and splash your own sense of style onto it!

Whatever it is, we trust you -- our job is give you the right options and the accessibility to wear quality that fits. So, go ahead -- take our polo and make it entirely yours!

Looking for some inspiration and more exposure? Here’s some snaps from The Kipper Casuals look book:

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