Zero-In On A Member of Kipper Clothiers: Hoisum Nguyen

At Kipper Clothiers, we want to make sure that our customers get to know us as much as we want to get to know them; this way, we can ensure not only a safe atmosphere, but one that lets everyone know we’re genuine about what we can provide and what kind of work goes into making sure the quality of our garments are the top of today’s materials with all the right insight into what makes our suits and casual wear iconic, timeless, and true to who our customers see themselves as.

We get the opportunity to know each and every one of our customers intimately, and it seems only right you get a sneak-peek at what we’re about too.

So, without further ado:


Hoisum is intensely committed to textures and modest colors that, when combined with the proper separates, can make a bold statement! She adores Kipper Clothiers’ collection of materials of the most subtle, yet significant details, and always manages to pick out the least sought after materials to bring out its most unacknowledged charms. Nostalgic for her sun-bleached childhood on the streets of Southern California, Hoisum is always enthusiastic about incorporating urban characteristics into even her most Kipper-ish outfits. From creating hand-made bead bracelets for all the members of Kipper Clothiers, to wearing sneakers with her suits and pulling off tons of “smart-casual” outfits, Hoisum loves taking Kipper Clothiers’ mature sophistication and combining it with the distinct sharpness of her day to day experiences. Often referred to as the “young blood” of the office, Hoisum also keeps all the members of Kipper updated on words of today, to make sure their work space is always “lit.”

Do any of Hoisum’s style preferences also match yours? Let us know! We can custom-create any of Hoisum’s style pleasures, and if we can’t make it we can professionally curate it, just for you.

Make an appointment with us, and see every piece of your style wardrobe prepared with the utmost care. Also, meet the other members of Kipper Clothiers: Co-Founder Erin and Co-Founder Kyle.