The Perfect Fitting Shirt

If there is one thing we stress the most it's the perfect fit, and as we continue to grow our business we continue to redefine the custom process. Close attention to detail and taking precise measurements down to an eighth of an inch is the formula for the perfect fitting garment. It's more than taking your clothes (made for the masses) and having them altered at a tailor, it's having them made specifically for your body and your body only that defines what we do. 

We've all been there, searching for a shirt that fits, finding one that almost fits in the shoulders, but then...the sleeves are too long. One size might be too small and the next size up, too big. So what do you do? Buy the shirt and have it altered with the good chance that you will still not get the perfect fit? No. Stop wasting your time and money and invest in a custom shirt. We promise you'll be happy and you will save so much money and hassle over time.

The word Bespoke is derived from the verb 'to bespeak' or 'speak for something,' and at Kipper we guarantee our shirts to speak beautifully to the person wearing them. We create the perfect harmony of personal style with clean lines, quality fabrics, and ultimately a great fit that delivers the perfect product. 

We offer hundreds of fabrics to choose from, touch, and talk about during your custom shirt appointment. How you'll be wearing the shirt is a great way for us to know what exactly a client needs when it comes to material, weight, and style. Then come the details. From shell buttons to a personal sleeve monogram, to the height and cut of your collar, to the cut of your sleeve cuff, we can do just about anything to make your shirt exactly what you imagined; something you won't find off the rack.

If you're thinking, well I don't need a dress shirt, don't worry! We have plenty of casual fabrics. Even better, we will be launching our Kipper Casual line this Spring, bringing you a range of different shirts and garments, including long and short sleeve polos, henleys, and more. The options are endless, and we are excited to broaden our reach to people who don't necessarily need a suit or button-up shirt. We guarantee the perfect fit for all of our garments and are there every step of the way with you. 

If you haven't already, stop by our shop or book an appointment online to come into the store and see what we can do for you. We recommend coming in the store to really feel the materials, however, if you can't make it we offer a broad selection in our online shop and are more than happy to consult with you over the phone when it comes to choosing your fabrics. In the world of custom clothing, the options are endless. At Kipper we promise to continue to grow and push ourselves to be the very best at delivering the ultimate custom experience and products that we believe in and strive to share with you.