Kipper Custom Shirts -- From Start to Finish

Ready-to-wear garments are constructed to fit the manufacturers definition of the average customer but because every person has a unique body, it just doesn't always work. At Kipper, we value the process and detail of custom clothing to give our customers the perfect fit on all their garments. Whether ordering online or having an appointment at the shop, this is our custom shirt process.

Step One: Selecting Your Fabric

We have 9 options available on our website and hundreds upon hundreds of fabric options in-store. During this step we will discuss weight, feel, and wear of the material.  

Step Two: The Measuring Process

If ordering online, you will make your purchase and receive an email with instructions on how to complete the measuring and customization process. If you are a pre-existing customer, we already have your measurements on file and you will be able to bypass this step. If you have an in-store appointment, we will take your measurements and finish the customization process with you. This includes, buttons, monogram, sleeve style, collar style, etc. 

Step Three: Finalizing Custom Shirt Order

If ordering online, submit your measurements. Otherwise, we'll take care of the rest! Your custom shirt takes between 3-4 weeks and Kipper will notify you with tracking information. 

When you receive your shirt, or suit, it is 100% complete. You won't have to spend extra time or money having the sleeves or pant hems finished by an unfamiliar tailor. At Kipper Clothiers, we are committed to producing high-quality, well-fitting garments, that are delivered on time.