Aspiring for the Perfect Fit

As we move through our lives (going to college, starting careers), it becomes more important to present ourselves well. It doesn't have to mean wearing a suit and tie, but it does mean looking well kept and presentable. In our profession, we often talk about quality, fit, and attention to detail when it comes to garments, but what about the feeling you get when you have the perfect fit?

Finding a size that fits you straight off the rack can be tough, and rarely looks like the mannequin wearing it in the window. It can be frustrating and might even make you feel self-conscious...we've all been there! However, once you find that perfect fitting item, the feeling can be amazing. Whether it be an interview, your wedding day, or just going to work, when you feel good about how you look it makes it easier to focus on the important things at hand. It's not about being pretentious, or having to buy the most expensive items on the market, it truly is about feeling good in what you wear and expressing yourself and your identity. In a world where there is no second first impression, the perfect fit can go a long way.

At Kipper we’ve all discussed our awkward teen years and our styles that, looking back, make us cringe. Similarly, we all have a story about the first time we wore something that fit us perfectly and represented our own personal style in a way we had never felt before. The feeling can be absolutely euphoric. When a client reaches out to us after wearing their custom Kipper suit and express that same feeling of confidence that we can so closely relate to, it reiterates why we do what we do. Our passion is custom garments so that anyone and everyone can experience the feeling of the perfect fit.

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