The Complete Guide to the Ideal Timeline of Your Custom Suit

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding (or special event)! You are definitely going to want the perfectly put-together Kipper look, and we know you have some questions about how the process works and how long it will take. We are here to tell you not to worry. Just follow the timeline below for a stress-free experience.

4 Months Out:

1) Make your Kipper Clothiers Appointment by calling us at 415.890.4431 or emailing us at   

2) Make a Pinterest Board of looks that you like. If you don’t know where to start looking, check out our Facebook or Tumblr for ideas.This Pinterest Board will let us better articulate what types of materials, pieces and fits you want from your custom look.

3) Make sure you know what your partner and wedding party are wearing. Also, this is the time to choose wedding colors and think about how you want to incorporate those into your outfit.

3 Months Out:

Come to your appointment with us with all of your materials and ideas. This appointment takes about 1.5 hours. For more information about this check out our blog post on The Kipper Experience

2-3 Months Out:

Choose accessories and shoes that match your outfit. We suggest taking of advantage of the Put-Together Promise if you need to! Our Put-Together Promise is a guarantee that we will guide our customers through the finishing touches and the finer details of a polished look.

Once you have those accessories, be sure to take great care of them!

1.5 Months Out:

Come to your first fitting with our expert tailors. You will try on your garments for the first time and evaluate the fit of your pieces -- be picky! This is your time to voice your opinion about the final fit of your garments. For example: Do you like the taper on your pants and are you showing enough sock when you sit down? Does the body of the jacket give you your best silhouette?

This fitting should take about half an hour. It takes place at our tailors store -- we will let you know where to go when the time is near.

3 Weeks Out:

Final pickup. Come pick up your garments with your friends and family! At this fitting we make  final choices on accessories and any minor adjustments, if any.

1 Month After Your Special Event:

Share your wedding photos with us and write a little blurb about how awesome it was to work with us. We will post them all over our social media and make you Instagram famous :) Email your event photos with the name and URL of your photographer to so that we can give credit where it is deserved. Check out our blog of some photographers and couples we’ve already gotten to work with!