Maintaining and Caring for Your Accessories

Leather Goods

Much like our own skin, leather needs to be hydrated and moisturized often as it ages. The shiny darkened layer that is created naturally in leather and wood products is called the patina. The patina in your leather goods will develop over time through the natural oils in your skin when you touch and use the item. Note that the more you handle your leather goods affects the rate that the patina will develop. If you refrain from hydrating your leather goods the longevity of the piece will diminish significantly by the fibers in the leather breaking down.  

Our favorite multi-purpose hydrating leather moisturizer on the market is called ‘Buffalo Butter’ by Trask. It’s 100% made in the USA and can be used on any of your leather goods: bags, belts, shoes, wallets, etc. It is not a polish so it should be used along with polish for certain accessories that you want to keep shiny.

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Leather Shoes

Polishing your shoes on a regular basis will form a natural seal against water damage. If you live in a particularly rainy place, make sure to waterproof your leather shoes every 3-4 weeks during the rainy season. Water damage is what causes leather shoes to break down the most quickly. Make sure to polish your shoes before waterproofing them. This allows the leather to stay naturally hydrated underneath the waterproofing spray. Also always use cedar shoe trees. Cedar will naturally wick out any remaining moisture left in your shoes. Newspaper won’t cut it guys. Have 1-2 pairs of shoe trees to rotate between your dress shoes. It’s not necessary to keep them stored in every pair of shoes you own, so only having 1 or 2 works well for most people.

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How to Clean Your Leather

There is a natural oil-based product called ‘Satchel Knight’ that is great for removing dirt and other marks.

Be sure to keep your leather goods out of extreme temperatures. Extreme heat will cause bubbling of the leather and the potential for the leather to peal away. Extreme cold will cause the fibers in the leather to become brittle and break.  


Care should be used when removing your tie. To maintain the longevity of your tie, remove the tie in the opposite order you tied it. This may seem like a few extra steps but will significantly increase the life of your ties.

Storing your ties properly will also add to their longevity. Ties are made out of very impressionable fabrics. The best storage other than a tie rack is simple and easy. Hang your ties on a hanger to insure the release of any creases or wrinkles. If you own quite a few ties we would suggest getting a tie rack but for most people a hanger works fine.

When traveling, fold your ties in 4’s and store in your suit jacket pocket for least amount of creases and wrinkles.

Never iron your tie. Always use a hand held steamer. Ironing breaks down the fibers in fabrics much more quickly than steaming. Since ties are made with more delicate fabrics it is very important to only steam! If you take your ties to the dry cleaners make sure to tell them not to press your ties. Most will automatically, so make sure you tell them you do not want them pressed (ironed). 

If you spill on your tie, spot treat it right away with cold water. Soda water works well too to lift the stain. Refrain from using warm/hot water because this will set the stain.

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Always put your shirt on before putting the cufflinks in. When removing your cufflinks be sure to take them out before taking off your shirt. Store your cufflinks in a soft box which they typically come in or in any place where they won’t be scratched or damaged like an accessory tray.

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Here at Kipper we understand our customers want to get the longest lifetime of their investments. We hope you find these tips useful and easy!