Welcome to Kipper University

Congratulations! We are delighted to inform you that you have been accepted to the incoming class at Kipper University. At Kipper University, we believe that you have the right to dress as well as you’d like.

Founded in 2013, Kipper Clothiers prides itself on bringing top quality custom menswear to both women and men. Inspired by our love of the Ivy League look, we have created a ready-wear line influenced by the rich American Heritage of the Ivy League called Kipper University. This casual collection is a modern take on old-school style, highlighting the beauty of classic basics that every Ivy devotee must own.

In the decade between 1955 and 1965, a clique of discerning Hollywood hipsters appropriated the Ivy League clothing of America's East Coast elite. These West Coast actors elevated the Ivy look to the height of cool and defined a quintessentially American dress code for a new generation of movie audiences.

In order to celebrate this turning point in fashion, Kipper University features the now classic products that inspired many of today’s fashion trends. Think of a varsity sweater or perfect pair of chinos – these are classic staples in many closets. We have put our own Kipper touch on these essentials, incorporating our signature colors, burgundy and navy to accentuate the simple, elegant nature of these pieces. Our goal is to inspire you to build your own fashion voice from this collection and incorporate these classic styles into your everyday wardrobe.

Photo: Kelly Puleio

Photo: Kelly Puleio

Meet The Kipper University Collection:

The Signature Polo A true American Classic. Polos have been worn by everyone from golf and tennis players, to generations of private school attendees. Our version features a burgundy body and navy short sleeves accented with a grey collar and lining. Made from 100% pique cotton, in a slim yet comfortable fit. Finished with our signature sewing machine on the chest, the Kipper Polo is perfect for any occasion.

The University Rugby - The classic Rugby shirt is a quintessential part of the preppy menswear wardrobe. It is easily recognized by bold stripes in contrasting colors, rugged fabric and a tough knit, over-sized collar. Our Rugby Jersey includes all these classic elements and is made of 100% cotton. The Kipper Crest illustrates the true essence of Kipper Clothiers.

The Varsity Cardigan We all remember the classic varsity jacket that high schools and college students use to display their “Varsity Letter” awarded for athletic achievement. Now, let Kipper University award you with your very own Fashion Letter. Featuring a burgundy and navy signature letter “K” in, the sweater has two front pockets and two stripes on the right arm. This is a great layering piece, over a Polo or OCBD.

The Collegiate Sweater - If an open cardigan is not your style but you still want the varsity look, the pullover option is perfect for you. A navy and burgundy “K” pops on the classic grey sweater. The Kipper Varsity Sweater forever secures your spot as a alumni of Kipper University!

Kipper x Ebbets Field Cap - Our version of a baseball cap, the Kipper Field Cap displays a classic silhouette. Constructed from wool, the cap will keep your head toasty warm while also accenting your outfit.

The University Button Down - The OCBD is the most essential piece in every dapper person’s wardrobe. This versatile style is the perfect way to be dressed, but not overdressed.