Introducing: Custom Shoes

Good shoes are hard to find and we should know. Over 200 of you have asked us for shoe recommendations, so we have decided to upgrade our custom offerings by introducing a line of exclusive Kipper Clothiers custom shoes. 

Our custom shoes are made using traditional Goodyear Welted construction. This method, originated by Hand-Makers centuries ago, gives the shoes an exceptional degree of strength, durability and comfort in wear. Through 8 stages of production, every pair of shoes undergoes over 200 individual operations. Special hand finishing techniques, including natural drying and polishing, ensure that no two pairs of shoes are exactly the same. 

Only the most carefully selected leathers are used, combining the best design with superb quality. It takes approximately 30 days to make a pair of custom and we guarantee our custom shoes have a unique quality that no machine-made shoes can ever match.

Good shoes are an investment -- the higher the quality, the longer they will last. A quality pair of custom shoes will last you at least a decade, and in the end will save you a lot of money. Think of it as a custom suit for your feet -- you won't need to waste hundreds and thousands of dollars on constantly buying and replacing cheaper versions.